What We Do

Giving the stage to hidden truths of gender and power


Those Women Productions is an adventurous theater company dedicated to exploring hidden truths of gender and power. We aim to bring marginalized voices to the center of the stage, to ask bold questions and instigate conversation. Because conversations are more exciting with diverse participants, we practice Radical Hospitality: everyone is welcome regardless of ability to pay.


When we were as yet too young for other sorts of debauchery to hold much appeal, we fell in love with great stories. Mostly these were stories by Dead White Guys. Homer and Chaucer, Shakespeare and Sophocles, myths and folklore of every variety, we loved them all. To this day, we are subject to their power—they make our heads spin and our pulses race.  But we also recognize that in these classic tales, the voices of women are often silenced and their lives relegated to the margins. That’s a sobering fact.  And we’d rather stay giddy with the joy of tales worth telling. So, on International Women’s Day 2014 we formed THOSE WOMEN PRODUCTIONS to explore classic stories from new angles.

~ Carol S. Lashof & Elizabeth L. Vega
April 21, 2014