April 23, 2016: A Shakespeare’s birthday present to our audiences

Four hundred years after his death, William Shakespeare lives and joins forces with Those Women Productions to stage:

An Undiscovered (Feminist!) Shakespeare Play
By Lauren Jansen-Parkes and William Shakespeare
August 25-September 11, 2016
The Live Oak Theatre
1301 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709
Tickets: $0.00 – $35.00

Those Women Productions practices Radical Hospitality:

Everyone is invited regardless of ability to pay


This summer THOSE WOMEN PRODUCTIONS presents MARGARET OF ANJOU written by Lauren Jansen-Parkes and William Shakespeare, and directed by Libby Vega. This world premiere drama explores the nature of power, and how it is wielded by and against women. In his four plays about the Wars of the Roses, Shakespeare kept the powerful Queen of England, Margaret, firmly in the background. Now, Those Women Productions and playwright Lauren Jansen-Parkes join forces with their favorite dead white guy to tell you her story. MARGARET OF ANJOU illuminates a world of political intrigue and armed rebellion, where a naïve princess must become a military commander as the English monarchy teeters on the brink of destruction.

MARGARET OF ANJOU features Maria Grazia Affinito* as Margaret, Bobby August Jr*, Ed Berkeley, Alexaendrai Bond, Lily Tung Crystal*, Sharon Huff*, Norman Patrick Johnson, Eric Newman*, Karl Schackne, and Nic Sommerfeld.

Production Team: Bert van Aalsburg*, Arashi Cesana, Jane Davis, Molly Fullerton, Carol Lashof, Megan Messinger, Genevieve Perdue, Samuel Raskin, and Audrey Ronningen.

*Member, Actors Equity Association.

MARGARET OF ANJOU is an Equity-approved Project